Howard Rose

Chief Operations Officer

Howard Rose joined BCLS as Chief Operating Officer in September of 2013. Howard manages all of the day to day operations at BCLS from landscape management to design / build and corporate governance. Howard also oversees all of  BCLS’s Snow and Ice Management services. Howard brings over twenty years of executive experience in the service industry to BCLS.

Howard is a forward-thinking operations manager with an “employee first” mindset and this attitude spills over into our company culture. We strive to provide extraordinary service while being a most favorable place to work and grow personally and professionally.

Today; the combined focus of the leadership and management TEAM at BCLS is about building a client-centric customer service delivery model where exceeding our clients’ expectations and providing a great place to come to work.

Steven Cohen

Chief Visonary Officer

Steven Cohen is the CVO- (Chief Visionary Officer) of PrimeSites Landscape Group Holdings, LLC. Steven is also a principal in GreenMark Consulting Group, a leading landscape-snow business management consulting firm with clients throughout North America. Steven is a business management strategist with a sound understanding of organizational and process development and a  skilled communicator with over 30 years of experience providing landscape-snow companies with successful solutions in building organizational success. A Persuasive negotiator who uses integrity and professionalism in presenting market growth strategies, assessing new business opportunities, and ways to continually improve an organizations performance metrics.

Steven is an innovative thinker who creates efficient ways of growing companies by recommending new service verticals, revolutionizing current service offerings, and testing new market approaches. Steven uses his extensive industry expertise to help companies develop a highly focused and communicative customer centric business model. Steven has extensive experience in landscape management, landscape construction and site development and snow & Ice management. Steven writes for national landscape publications, is a featured speaker at various landscape associations and conducts a course call ‘The 4-Cores for Landscape Business Success’.

A father of four, two sons and two daughters, Steven and his wife Melannie Huber-Cohen reside in Richmond’s West End. Steven enjoys boating, traveling to new tropical islands and sandy white beaches.

Carlos Salinas

Director of Operations

Carlos Salinas has been with BCLS for over five years. Starting out as the District Manager for Fredericksburg, VA, Carlo’s passion for customer service, operations management and employee relations has allowed him to succession within the BCLS organization. Carlos’s daily responsibilities include the management of the maintenance department. Carlos manages ten maintenance crews comprised of thirty-five TEAM members and managing several hundred properties in the central Virginia area. Carlos works hard to support BCLS’s approach to landscape management which is proactive customer service vs. reactive customer service.