At BCLS Snow & Ice Management we develop customized Snow Removal Services for our clients.

Every site is different, which is why every snow and ice management program should be as well. There’s nothing off-the-shelf about working with BCLS for commercial snow removal. Your snow and ice management service plan will be tailored to your specific requirements. We begin by walking your site, learning your pain points, and establishing a partnership – not merely a business transaction.

We offer flexible pricing so you can choose the most convenient option for your business based on your specific location and needs. Choose from event pricing, push pricing, or a fixed seasonal rate. It’s all about what works best for your business.

The Reactive Snow Challenge

Historically, snow and ice management decisions have been made at the local level, often based on relationships and/or lowest transaction price.

With a variety of choices to choose from in the Snow & Ice Management space, the industry is highly fragmented because of the following factors:

  • Low barriers to entry
  • Transitory or Seasonal employee base
  • Dominated by many smaller companies
  • Wide range of service scopes and commercial pricing models
  • Limited sharing of best practices within industry at local level
  • Service delivery is often reactive in nature
  • Challenging environment in which to drive change
  • The very nature of the industry exposes asset owners to legal claims, property damage, diminished brand reputation, and disruption to the clients the properties/facilities serve.
  • At most organizations, snow removal is mission-critical but non-core. Thus, there are limited corporate-level resources, systems, and expertise to manage this service centrally.

Proactive & Solutions Driven…

At BCLS Snow & Ice Management we take a proactive approach to snow & ice management to provide you and your client’s safe, accessible facilities, improving the customer experience and lessening the impact of snow on a businesses operating environment.

BCLS’s snow & Ice management programs gives companies the opportunity to achieve greater predictability, and control over snow & ice management expenses through proactive resource planning and budgeting.

The driving habits for our success…

  • Our People, driven to excellence through Purpose| Passion |Pride
  • Understanding the needs of our clients
  • Ability to design a customized solution for our clients
  • Dedicated snow management TEAM
  • Subject matter expertise
  • 24/7 Storm center (experienced snow dispatch)
  • Highly systematized operations process.
  • Business Weather Intelligence / Historic & Forecast
  • Late model equipment specialized snow equipment
  • Technology driven processes
  • Pre-Season site inspections
  • Post Season site inspections
  • Accurate storm data collection for risk mitigation
  • Detailed site planning and site mapping process.

In the end, many of these companies perform snow services; however, they do not think, prepare and plan for providing snow services.

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