Sidewalk Snow Clearing Services in Central Virginia

Our motto is ‘Clear and Safe Sidewalks, Guaranteed’

Ensuring safe access to pedestrian walkways, steps, handicap ramps, and building entrances correlates to a reduction of slip-and-fall accidents. While many of our competitors shy away from providing sidewalk clearing services, we recognize that such services are essential to a comprehensive snow & ice maintenance program. We utilize dedicated sidewalk personnel who have received extensive training, site-specific instruction, and are supervised by an on-site sidewalk supervisor.

snow clearing sidewalks

Our sidewalk clearing process and equipment is matched to the sites we serve. Specialized equipment and machines for sidewalks including walk-behind spreaders, snow-caster shovels, and power brooms and specialized skid-steer loaders we are able to match equipment to each sites specific needs.

We also apply highly-effective de-icing materials on sidewalks; able to melt snow or ice in temperatures as low as -35 degrees Fahrenheit while still being eco-friendly.

If you’re looking for proactive snow and ice management service where your pedestrian pavement is just as important as your vehicular pavement, look no further than BCLS Snow & Ice Management.

Markets Served

Office Buildings |Office Parks | Retail Centers |Shopping Malls

 HOA |Multi-Family |Apartment Homes

Industrial |Flex Space | Health Care | Retirement Facilities | Municipal & Governmental

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