Six More Weeks of Winter?

Say What? BCLS Snow and Ice Management of Central Virginia Punxsutawney Phil — the pleasantly plump Pennsylvania marmot who claims he “is the only true weather forecasting groundhog” — woke up Thursday morning, crawled out of his hole and saw his shadow. Meanwhile here in Central Virginia we are really waiting for winter to arrive if there is even anything left. Ironically we have had more snow in Central Virginia than several major US Cities. Back in Punxsutawney PA, more winter, Phil said. I’m going back to bed. Wrong! In fact, spring has already arrived in somewhat official capacity for some [...]

trees in snow storm

6 Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Ideas

For Virginia Property Owners and Managers BCLS Snow and Ice Management of Central Virgina Once the first big snowstorm hits at the start of winter, removing the snow and ice left behind is on many minds. Snow removal is a $2 billion industry in the U.S., and the highly effective and common chemical deicers and gas-guzzling snow blowers are not eco-friendly. Chemical deicers on driveways, roads, and airport runways can be hazardous to plants, animals, the water supply, and therefore the environment. The average gas-powered snow blower creates about one pound of carbon monoxide emissions per hour, according to the U.S. [...]