Hiring the Perfect Snow Contractor

BCLS Snow and Ice Management of Central Virginia With summer just ending and the start of the school year just beginning,  most property managers are starting to think about the next round of services on their client’s properties. Outside of all the fall tasks such as over-seeding, final pruning, fall flowers and then leaves, the next big contract to make sure is properly secured is your Snow & Ice Management Contract. WHAT YOU WANT TO EXPECT FROM A SNOW & ICE MANAGEMENT COMPANY IS ‘PEACE OF MIND’…. The last thing a property manager needs is to have his or her phone [...]

Snow Planning is YEAR-ROUND for Passionate Snow Professionals….

Imagine this its late May and you just received snow…. well, that actually happened this week in many parts of Colorado including Denver. While this is certainly unlikely to happen in Central Virginia any time soon it does not mean that snow professionals should not be thinking about snow. In fact, many snow contractors will be attending several of the industry’s biggest trade and educational events in the next several months learning about the new technologies, equipment and snow operations methods.

See You In September

While spring has been upon us for most of February here in Central Virginia, let’s not forget that February can sometimes be a NIGHTMARE with varying temperatures and still the potential for snow if recipe for a storm was just right.

The key is preparedness, regardless of what time of the year it is. A well-developed snow and ice removal plan is essential to maintaining the safety, accessibility and financial stability of properties, while working to mitigate risks associated with weather conditions for residents and visitors. Despite the unpredictability of the weather in Central Virginia, Property managers must know how and when to build a comprehensive snow response plan, and how to select the most appropriate snow removal partner who can mobilize fleets, provide scalability on demand, and deliver well-trained crews under adverse conditions.

Slip and Fall Statistics for Real Estate Property Managers

Risk Management in Central Virginia BCLS Snow and Ice Management of Central Virginia Property managers have a lot to contend with when it comes to the day-to-day running of a property or community. Whether it be a commercial office space, a multi-family community, apartment complex, hospital, institution, or big-box store. While each of these facilities have their own unique vulnerabilities and concerns, careful attention to injury prevention is essential for risk management. Your biggest risks does not come from Mother Nature, your biggest risk comes from how you manage your snow and ice services and how your contractor manages your risk. [...]